Our Team


I joined the All-Freight, LLC team in June 2009 after several years in Automotive Management, as well as expedited transportation. Primary focus is on tanker transportation service to our valued customers.


I began hauling milk from the farms as a teenager for my father. In 1978 we started our first Grade A milk route for Sealtest plant in Nashville. In 1995 I expanded the company and started transporting dairy products all over the southeast until 2004 when we sold all of our equipment. In 2005 with the relationships and experience that we had gained over the years and started All-Freight, a brokerage company that specializes in moving food grade products. We are always trying to do more as a company and expand into more markets


I have always worked alongside my husband and have been involved with many different aspects in the dairy industry from picking up on the farm to delivering to the plants. As our business grew from milk routes to transporting, I became the secretary at the office. Now as a logistic company, I continue to do the accounting for All-Freight, and see that all of our customers and accounts are managed sufficiently.


I joined all-freight in January 2012 as a financial analyst. Over the past few years I have worked on expanding all-freight into a more diversities company by building our van and reefer division of the company to better service our longstanding customer base. My vision for all freight is to be able to form into a broad spectrum logistics operation to fully satisfy all of our customers’ needs.


Before I joined with All-Freight in 2014 I worked as a computer technician for one of our local school systems and also as a dispatch technician for local ISP that served thousands of people in our surrounding community. I came on board with the purpose of getting the companies technology needs up to date. As well as helping with new technology I am also trying to expand the company into the chemical and animal markets to help serve and meet the needs of more customers. With the steps we are taking now All-Freight will be able serve any need that a customer asked of us.


Official Customer Support Agent