Need 3PL

Why You Need 3PL

When managing farm transportation, a distribution center, or simply choreographing the transport of goods from one location to another it is important to have a third-party logistics provider in your corner. With so many details to manage you should highly consider letting a 3PL provider take the wheel. Lets take a look at why you need 3PL.

1. Cost

Maintaining a fleet, hiring drivers, and dealing with maintenance are all costly operations. In fact hiring a driver could be your single highest expense. When working with a 3PL you are no longer directly paying those costs and in fact you’re only paying those costs on an on-demand basis. When you are only paying for the time and services you need, you are saving money and reducing liability.

2. Time

Making sure your freight is delivered on time takes a lot of work. Understanding routing, traffic delays, and weather are all something that a dispatcher has perfected. When using a third-party logistics provider, you will no longer need to worry about wearing the hat of a dispatcher as well. Likewise you will rest easy knowing that your time sensitive freight is being delivered on time and safely.

3. Growth

Stable growth is the most important part of any business. Reducing costs and liability will enable your business to grow with the stability needed for success. Don’t let high overhead and the cost of employee’s control your business growth, instead let a 3PL provider manage your freight needs.

Regardless of your business strategy, you can benefit from 3PL (third-party logistics). Give us a call today to find out how we can help.