Load Booking The Way It Was Meant To Be. Easy.

Life is too short and your days are busy enough. Use our app to find loads that work with your schedule, with all the information at your fingertips from start to finish. E-mail chains...what’s that?

Come Join The Team. Enhance Your Business.

As a leading logistics service provider, we understand what it means to be an efficient carrier. A carrier has a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. Those responsibilities shouldn’t be overwhelming. Our extensive experience in the industry has obtained a massive customer base for our freight services. Whether you are an independent carrier or a fleet, Freightlinxs is here to improve the utilization of your service and take your business to the next level. You’re in control from start to finish. The Freightlinxs community was built around the carrier. Use our platform to increase your revenue by decreasing your empty miles. The more loads you book through Freightlinxs, the smarter it gets.

Earn More. Carriers are customers too

Don’t let your contract loads keep your truck from entertaining other possibilities. As a Freightlinxs carrier, you’re also a customer. Your customer just wants their product on time and at the agreed upon rate, so why not use the Freightlinxs community to service them, all while increasing your revenue? You have the same access to the fully vetted community of carriers a shipper does.
⦁ No extra paperwork. You’re 100% insured and bonded through All Freight
⦁ Post your contract load at a price suitable to you.
⦁ Book load with any available carrier that meets your requirements
⦁ Monitor and track the load from your dashboard. Start to finish.
⦁ Signed BOL is automagically uploaded at delivery

Get On The Road With Us

Joining hands with us will allow you to skip the hassle of chasing new clients, and be a part of our expert team. We automagically match shippers with carriers looking for available freight, on any lane coast to coast. Order details are shared instantly and pricing is set once both the shipper and carrier agree on a rate. The carriers can manage and track their drivers, as well as manage logs and shipments from within their personal dashboard.

Cash Flow Is King

We know all the profit in the world means nothing if you can’t get paid. Freightlinxs takes the burden off your AP team by utilizing our driver app. Once the driver delivers the load and scans in the signed BOL. The load is instantly submitted for payment processing. Receive your payment instantly if the shipper paid for the load at booking.