Freight Broker

What is a Freight Broker?

A Freight Broker is a company that helps its customers find a freight carrier that will be able to provide on time and on budget freight services. Freight brokers are in charge of finding licensed drivers with a variety of freight hauling capabilities. When you need something shipped, you would call the freight broker with your specifications and your freight broker would then match you with a carrier. Lets take a look at a couple of benefits to using a freight broker.

1. Fleet Management

As you can imagine, managing a fleet of trucks, staff, and supporting roles can be very involved. When using a freight broker, you are using an on-demand service. Freight brokers are designed to help you find a carrier that is capable of moving your type of freight, on budget and on time.

2. Liability

A freight broker and its selected carriers are both licensed and insured. This helps reduce the overall liability your company is likely to have. With the reduction of liability also come a reduction in liability costs such as insurance, investment, and savings.

Working with a freight broker should be easy and working with All Freight is even easier. If you are interested in making All Freight your freight broker, give us a call today.