Liquid Food Transportation

Without logistics, the world would come to a standstill. That is why your choice of a food-grade transport company is not only essential but vital to continued business success. Today, food-grade liquid bulk carriers provide liquid freight services that make it possible for you to transport liquid food grade products safely and cleanly. However, not every logistics company can demonstrate a substantial commitment to safety or show that it has the experience needed to ship your product safely and on time.

That is why it is essential to partner with the right provider when you are deciding on a liquid transportation company. When aligning your company with a logistics business, you need to carefully vet the company’s practices and overall system of support. Most consumers do not realize that the condiments in their fridge or liquids, such as corn syrup, alcohol, vinegar, or milk, are delivered by the bulk liquid container.


Therefore, you need to make sure that the liquid transport containers used by your liquid transportation company are clean and hygienic and that the company follows all the steps necessary to deliver a premium product. A lot of progress has been made over the years in this area, as strict cleaning processes have been implemented – procedures that follow industry requirements as well as a client’s individual preferences.

For example, a clean in place or CIP system is used where sanitizing, and cleaning equipment automatically delivers cleaners, sanitizers, and rinses at a specific concentration, time, and pressure. This process eliminates the necessity of manual cleaning and permits regular cleaning practices.

Also, bulk liquid food grade transportation providers, such as Freightlinxs, feature insurance with all its shipments, thereby providing full insurance coverage for pickups and deliveries.

Leverage Our Experience in Bulk Liquid Food Transportation

If you are discovering the world of liquid transport or need to review the basics of the business, the following information will provide further insights.

Liquid Bulk Freight versus Dry Van Deliveries

The main thing that makes shipping liquids different from shipping in a dry van is that the product is not delivered in a small container, barrel, or tote. Liquids in bulk can slosh around and can spill. Therefore, you need a different type of transport. While losing some pallets of cereal will not cost you a fortune, losing a large amount of liquid will. That is why you need to work with a logistics and liquid transport company that commits itself to the highest of safety standards.

Longer Lead Times

You won’t find as many liquid tankers on the road today as you will find box trailers. Therefore, the lead times for bulk liquid shipments tend to be longer. Rates tend to be higher too, as carriers for liquid transport companies pay more for their specialized equipment. Figure in deadhead miles in your shipping costs, as each delivery made includes a trip to for a tank wash.

Also, keep in mind that you generally will pay the same rate, whether you fill the tanker with 2,000 gallons or 6,000 gallons of liquid. After all, you cannot combine liquids to produce a full tank-load shipment.

Liquid Cargo Transport – The Equipment Tank Trailer

The typical trailer used for food-grade liquid transport holds typically about 6,000 gallons. It may be made of aluminium or stainless steel and is insulated to protect temperature-sensitive liquids. Food-grade trailers may feature tight fill tanks that hold up to 5,000 gallons. This protects the liquid, in transport, from forming foam, which can render it unusable.

The tank features a dome at the top, which opens for loading. Nothing but the product must pass through the house of the crown to keep the product from getting tainted. We, at Freightlinxs, work to enforce this type of safety – by exercising the most excellent care during loading and unloading.

Temperature Control

To safeguard cold-sensitive liquids, most insulated tanks feature steam coils. When a trailer is parked, the coils can be attached to a steam source that flows through the coils and maintains the temperature. This type of equipment is essential to controlling the coolness in the trailer.

Some Questions You Should Consider

Therefore, you need to answer critical questions about a tanker’s equipment when you are partnering with a logistics company for your shipment of bulk liquids. For example, it helps to answer the following:

  • What is the liquid that is being hauled? Does it have unique properties?
  • What width of the hose will be needed to load and unload the product?
  • What types of fittings and adapters will be required for loading?
  • What kind of container will be used?
  • Will the tank need to be unloaded from the rear or centre?
  • Does the receiving facility require specific safeguards?

What You Can Expect from Us

When you partner with Freightlinxs, you can realize several benefits in terms of safety, timeliness, and overall customer satisfaction. You will also get your inquiries answered so you can decide on the best form of transport for your product.

This includes getting your liquid delivered on time and unloaded efficiently. If the liquid is viscous, it first is pumped before being forced through a hose with air. By having the right equipment in place and knowing the nature of the product, we can make transport and delivery worry-free.

Calculating the Weight and Volume

When transporting food grade liquids, you will need to know the weight and volume of the product you are hauling. This calculation will help us figure out how many trucks will be required, as well as which ones to use. It is also essential to know the weight to comply with federal law. Too much weight can tax a truck’s axles and wheels, so knowing this information will keep your driver and load safely.

When you consider economies of scale, bulk liquid transport is a great way to move your product fast, and in a large volume. Given today’s technologies, you can also make any move seamless and hassle-free. This bodes well for your company as well as for your brand image.

Partner with Freightlinxs for All Your Bulk Liquid Transport Needs

If you want to do things right in this respect, you need to know who to go-to for all of your bulk food grade liquid transportation needs. Once you see a name, you can get things underway in a short amount of time. Freightlinxs can help you easily track your shipments and know where they are at any time of the day. By employing cutting edge technology, we can collaborate, communicate, and collect all the data you need for shipping success. This means you can anticipate reliable pricing and continued improvements in each bulk liquid freight cycle. By using this approach, you will enjoy increased earnings and experience better delivery times and business relationships.