Follow This Checklist When Hiring A Milk Hauler

There are some things that drivers and clients need to know when they start working with the milk hauling industry. These items are all listed below so that you can learn how to manage a load of milk or learn how to properly transport milk. There are many people who will not understand how complex this procedure is until they read it for the first time, and you should take all this information to heart before you make a decision.

Quality Checks

The appearance and smell of the product must be checked to ensure that the haul will be worth anything when it arrives. No one should ever drive off with a haul that smells bad, and the load should be checked if it is the wrong color. You would never want to send a bad shipment, and drivers should know what they are carrying.

Hygiene inspections

Hygiene inspections are very important because they need to be used before you get started. You can completely alter a hauling journey if you notice that you have some sanitization problems. People who notice these issues need to report them immediately. There are also many things that need to be done just to make sure that the load is ready to go. When the driver has made sure everything is ready, they can get on the road. There are inspections along the way, and the driver can stop to check these things along their journey to be sure there are no changes.

Recording temperatures on the road

The temperature of the milk from each facility needs to be checked because they all must fall within acceptable guidelines. If you are getting milk that is the wrong temperature, you will have problems keeping it viable on the road. If the temperature of the milk is changing while you are on the road, something might be wrong with the rig. You need to report these problems as soon as you can, and you need to be sure that you keep a log of these temperatures to avoid any confusion.

Measuring the product

You need to know how much capacity you have, how much more you can carry, and how that impacts the mileage on your vehicle. You are calculating how long it will take you to get to certain places carrying a certain load, and you need to know how much you are offloading when you take this product to a new place. Someone who is trying to figure out how to manage their load should record all their measurements so they know what they have collected and dropped off during the trip.


Stirring or agitation of the milk is important based on how big the load is. This is a process that needs to be completed at specific times, and you need to do the calculations on the size of your load because that is the only way for you to do the agitation correctly. You never want to do too much or too little.


You can take a sample from the load for the sake of verification, but it must be stored and labeled correctly. When you are asked to do this, you need to be sure that you have stored the sample properly. Someone who is not storing their samples in the right way cannot give good information to their clients when they arrive to unload the milk.

Refrigerate Your Samples

You need to refrigerate your samples to ensure that they will not spoil. There are times when samples are simply not managed correctly, and it is very hard for people to understand how they can use these samples when they have been ruined by the heat. This is also important when you have several samples to take. The samples need to make their way to the final destination, and the fridge is the only way to keep them safe.

Transfer Methods

Transfer methods are difficult to learn because the milk must be moved in a clean and sanitary manner. If you have never done this before, you need to learn the full procedure, test yourself, and use a list of operations when you are ready to do a transfer. Most people who are doing a transfer for the first time will need to go slower, and you might do this process in the presence of someone else.

Disconnecting the hose

You must remove the hose safely because these hoses cannot leak. You do not want to lose any of the product if you removed the hose in the wrong way, and you also need to be sure that you have tipped the hose up so that you do not have any product coming out. If you are listening for flow in the hose, you can hear when it is completely empty. This is the easiest way for you to manage your transfers because you are taking care to never cause spills.

Clean the tank

You must fill your tank with water to clean it, and you will notice that you can clean the tank fairly easily. It is very simple for you to use the tank over again if it has been cleaned with water properly. When you fill the whole thing with water, you get a good rinse. You can check for cleanliness yourself, and you can wipe down any areas that are not coming clean like they should. This is part of the reason you need to agitate the load during each trip. You never want a film or line to appear.


You should choose All-Freight because the company provides you with the best milk hauling services regardless of where you are shipping or receiving milk from. It is a very simple process to handle, and you could become a driver who dedicates their time to this process every day. When you are transferring and hauling milk safely, you can change the way that milk is delivered, maintain the quality, and provide the proper information to the company.