Common Questions that Come to Mind about Freight Services

Today FreightLinx has emerged to be one of the best service providers when it comes to milk transport services. We take pride in building strong communities and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Over these years we have secured a place for us in this transport industry by taking care of one of the most important aspects and that is cooperation with our team members and staff along with the satisfaction of our clients.

Whatever we do is in favor of:

  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Service towards our customers
  • And most importantly safety

What has truly made us a top company is dedication and passion for serving people and doing everything in an appropriate manner. Our daily mission has always been to deliver the highest quality milk haulers services along with operating in the safest and in the most effective way possible. Whenever you are in search of milk hauling companies trust those who have years of experience in milk hauler services so that you can get the maximum output and benefits. 

What are the three things you must definitely know about milk haulers services?

FreightLinx has been providing the milk hauler services that best suits your needs and requirements.

We have been achieving the delivery always on time, whether be it in large volume or just small deliveries. The three things one must know about us are:

  • Distribution network
  • Planning of transportation according to your specific needs
  • Safety and compliance

We help in meeting your needs with our quality transport to the entire delivery destinations of the country. We have always been selecting the best transport means by learning from our past experience and helping our customers meet their challenges in line with their business and industry requirements.

We always take into consideration the transport safety and various environmental measures. Our milk transport services include a single truck for picking up items from multiple locations. 

What should milk hauling companies possess?

  • Good and innovative techniques
  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Better ways of collecting and analyzing data
  • Best vehicles are made available
  • On time maintenance is done
  • Well cleaned stainless steel milk tanks.

FreightLinx  provides milk hauler services for all types of milk through the assistance and guidance of experienced professionals. We give full assurance to our customers that their milk will remain completely healthy and safe with our milk hauler services. Our drivers and carrier partners are well experienced in driving and delivering the consignment within the given time limit.

The milk hauling company run by us works on a daily basis. Almost every day of the week our well trained and courteous drivers pick up milk from the dairy in the perfect stainless steel tanks thereby keeping the milk completely safe and healthy. The truck-mounted pumps that have been designed are yet another advantage in the milk transport services as it can operate without any external power in case power goes off at the customer sites. So, as a result, no problem arises during the loading or unloading of milk to the customers. We believe in having the newest innovation of milk hauler services to serve our customers well and remain competitive for the rest of the others.

FreightLinx believes in safety both inside and outside the company.

How is milk collected and distributed?

Milk is collected every 24 or 48 hours from the farm and then is filled in the tankers. The tankers that collect the milk are made of special stainless steel and are heavily insulated to keep the milk cold during its transportation to the industries where they are processed. The drivers of these milk tankers are high accredited milk graders which serve as an advantage as they can evaluate the milk prior to the collection process. If the milk is found to be of poor quality, be it in terms of temperature, sight or smell, the collection and processing of milk is then rejected. Prior to the pumping of milk onto the tankers, a sample is collected from each farm and then after collecting the milk, it is transported to the factories and industries and then stored in refrigerators to cool it before processing it. So this is the actual process before collection, processing, and transportation of milk performed at our milk hauling companies.

Regardless of the size of the farm, this is the business that never sleeps. 

How is the safety of our milk guaranteed?

The assurance of milk safety to our customers is given by safe production and processing procedures which then followed by producers and processors. We have certain laboratory tests done to constantly monitor the safety of milk products. We know the importance of transportation of your products and that too when it comes to milk it has to be taken care of with extreme care, keeping in mind its quality. 

How are the shipping rates determined?

While determining the shipping and handling costs we keep in mind to add up the three basic things. These are-

  • Packaging
  • Processing and postage
  • Handling and shipment

The calculations that are involved depends basically on the mode of transport, nature, and form of the cargo and the weight or volume that the cargo holds along with the distance that the cargo covers. We, however, do only the needful, that which is accepted and affordable for our customers. Their satisfaction is our ultimate goal so keeping in mind all these we plan the shipment costs. We have them use the technology to book, track and even pay their shipments because when technology is used it avoids delays and there exists much more perfection in the delivery process.

Accordingly, we can tailor our services so that they can easily fit your specific needs. We have been associated with many dairy farms and have a fleet of modern and well-maintained tankers that can serve your different needs perfectly. We try being consistent in our work as much as possible.