Common FAQs Customers Ask About Food Transportation Services

With over three generations behind us in the freight, food, and dairy shipping industry, we are a top-rated company. Our belief is in moving the future of freight, food and dairy shipping forward while giving you, our customer better communication and the best reliability for your shipping needs. If you have a large carrier load or even just a small load that needs to be shipped, we are your one-stop visit for all your shipping needs.

Our team is dedicated to continuing to evolve and constantly learn what can benefit our customers the most. We take the designation of shipping your freight seriously. We understand that your livelihood depends on getting your products where they need to go. Our livelihood depends on pleasing our clients. When you are searching for milk transport service or shipping of any kind, look to the company that has your back, has been in business for over six decades and is still going strong.

In recent years, the transporting of milk and other agriculture products represented 30% of miles on highways and railways.

When your business needs to ship freight, you want to know that your product is safe with us. There are some Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the services that we want to answer before you ask. We are here to speak with at any time, to answer any questions you may have.

How do you plan to take care of my fragile goods?

Your freight is our only top priority. We are a licensed and bonded shipping agency that always keeps you in mind. We use technology that is the top of the line. We have made it possible for you to track your shipment through each step, as you choose. You can even receive daily notifications of what is happening with your freight. Your freight, dairy and food grade shipments are sent securely and arrive on time.

What paperwork is required for my clearance process?

General air waybills that are common across the shipping industry will include:

  • Bills of lading
  • Certificates of origin
  • Commercial invoices
  • Drafts
  • Packing lists

Our customers are important to us and we have made it possible for them to receive daily notifications, instant notices if there is a delay and our company is open to talking to our customers all the time.

Do you ensure your shipping?

As a freight broker and along with our selected carriers, we are licensed and insured to ship your products. This helps reduce your costs of liability and increase your savings.

How long has All-Freight been in the business?

Our business began in 1953 by Paul Davis. Mr. Davis began with two single cab trucks that would pick up from the origin and deliver to the dairy processing plant. In 1967, Davis incorporated two tandem food grade tanker trucks. Gary Davis joined the company in 1978, and the company became Davis and Sons Trucking. In 1980 our company grew dramatically. We had 18 dairy food grade tankers and 10 semi-tractor trucks in our fleet. Mr. Paul Davis retired in 1987 and Gary then became the head of the company. In 1991, Davis and Sons were incorporated into Davisco Inc and again our fleet dramatically expanded to benefit our customers. In 1996, Davisco established as an over the road truck, tanker and dairy food-grade transportation unit.

Can I track my packages?

As with any responsible and reliable business, we welcome our clients and customers to check and track their shipments at any time during the process. We also have notification methods for any delays or news that our client deserves to know.

How are the shipping rates determined?

We have all reliable drivers on our fleet. You can place trust in them for all your logistics needs. All-Freight offers affordable costs, instantly post your loads, and real-time shipment tracking. We are proud to offer our clients affordability, timely deliveries and reliable service for a cost you can afford. When our customers use this technology to book, pay and track your shipments, they can avoid any costly delays or rerouting that generally happens with other companies.

What is the personal experience of your company?

Paul Davis began the business in 1953 with two simple pickup trucks. He would pick up the product, for instance, milk from a dairy farm, and transport it to the dairy processing plant. He understood that there had to be a better way for milk transport services, and he found it. The company has grown and improved ever since.

On our website, you will also find many testimonials from our clients. They also feel when you combine logistics with customer needs the arrangement benefits all involved.

How do you leverage your carriers?

All our carriers are qualified and reviewed. Our customers can choose from our growing list of carriers to find the best fit on price, distance, and capacity available. Our customer is able to arrange all transport in an easier and automated manner, they can simplify their supply chain by using the community of our carriers who have all been fully vetted.

With over 40 billion gallons of milk produced and transported each year, the transport and shipping should be done by a company who has built their reputation on timely deliveries and lower costs to the customer.

At All-Freight we make our customer number one. That is and always has been our priority. We believe that everyone should have a share of the money, so our costs and carriers are dependent on you. You make the choice based on price, location and available space. We are a licensed and bonded company, and we offer a platform that suits shippers and also the carriers. We do not work for just ourselves, we work for all. We are one of the top competitors in logistics and freight. Our long-standing reputation, since 1953, speaks greatly about how we value our customer and the business. When you are ready please contact All-freight at


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